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Privileged Access Management

HansPM proposes Single Connect, the best PAM solution from Gartner. We will take responsibility for the security of the company.

Application Development

We will take the lead in entering the global market for personal information marketing services and copyright protection solutions using web-based solutions and blockchain technology.

Cyber Security

Information security is the foundation of a company. ISO27001 & Information Security Management System & PCI-DSS Certification Consulting, Penetration Testing and Secure Coding.

Design with user in mind

Fast Implementation

HansPM's services and solutions have accumulated experience and know-how based on the Global Standard. HansPM provides optimized solutions and services that can be applied to various customers.

Security In Mind

Information security is a must for every business. As a Korean company with Krontech's proven performance and functionality in overseas markets and Gartner, HansPM joins security solutions & services.

Customer Satisfaction

By identifying and understanding the exact customer requirements, HansPM's unique solutions and services pursue the highest customer satisfaction.

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HansPM Projects

We will create a result that fullfills users satisfaction with professional experience of experts.




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Trends and continuous research

Content Management

You can experience system management that can be optimized in any device environment according to the rapidly changing times.

Increase customer brand value

We strive to enhance your brand value and become your best partner while contributing to your successful project execution and competitiveness.


We believe that building trust with our customers is our first priority in order to provide you with better personalized service as we constantly change.

Complete maintenance management

We provide stable maintenance services and strive for continuous development. We provide annual maintenance and irregular maintenance services according to the needs of our customers' homepage maintenance.


Clean Design

Creatively designed based on multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experiences to provide a compelling user experience.

Full responsive

In response to the evolving platform and new digital technologies, we will put our lives into customer service based on our web accessibility and web standardization experience and technology.

Ajax contact form

Implement next-generation web technologies that can freely and smoothly perform difficult and diverse tasks.

Web development

Analyze, review, and integrate detailed logic flow diagrams into the web and database to develop according to your needs.

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Privileged Access Manager
Privileged Task Manager

Mitigate Risks of
Privileged Accounts

A large enterprise has thousands of users and tens of thousands of devices creating more than a billion possible toxic access combinations.

Manage Outsource

Outsourcing inherently creates security risks. Remote access security controls can only be done with proper privileged access management control systems to secure third-party access to privileged accounts.

Mitigate Risks of Insider

More than 43% of the security incidents reported are originating from insiders with access. Privileged Access Management controls who has access and monitors activity.

Inappropriate Use of
Admin Access

Detects potentially inappropriate use of administrative access by alerts, recordings and user behavior analytics.

Malware specifically
targets privileged

The most terminal methods of malware are to use uncontrolled privileged access.

Control Access of
Drones, Robots & IoT

Ensures proper operation of scripts and automated tools with privileged access. Detects any behavioral anomalies in these accounts and will take automated actions.

Geo-Fencing & Time

Uses geo-location based access policies and time based access policies to minimize exposure regarding the external use of privileged accounts.

Integrity of User Database
by Aggregation

Single access to privilege tables stored in TACACS+ , RADIUS, LDAP, or database tables of software systems and appliances.

Segregation of Duties
With integrated role management, pre-defined command sets, double-confirmation features and “detect/respond” functionality when users execute dangerous commands; privileged users can now operate safely in their day-to-day roles, maintaining systems, performing upgrades and troubleshooting issues.

Network Automation for

Network automation enforces consistent processes for any type of privileged user by providing pre-defined and validated secure workflows. Integration of PAM with Network Automation increases security while maintaining organizational agility.

Regulatory Compliance
PCI/DSS, SOX, BASEL III, FISMA, GDPR and many other mandates require organizations to comply with the growing list of regulations.

Prepare for Audits

Easily collect data from Single Connect, and prepare professional reports in minutes, not days or weeks.

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